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Five D&D Celebration Events You Can’t Miss

This weekend is the D&D Celebration, a sort of digital mini-convention similar in scope to the D&D Live show that broadcast earlier this year. Rather than focus on the announcement of new products, the show instead will focus on community oriented live play and panels and celebrate the recent launch of Rime of the Frostmaiden. The big event is what D&D is calling the “largest virtual D&D game ever” on Saturday as more than a thousand people play through the new adventure together, the proceeds of which all benefiting Extra Life. But if you missed the sign up for that, or just want to watch some fun D&D, there’s plenty to do. But with so much to do (including your own D&D games to play), here’s five things broadcasting this weekend that you shouldn’t miss.

Invisible Dragons: Designing Mental Health Adventures

Hosted by Raffael Boccmazzo, a Doctor of Psychology and Clinical Director of Take This, this panel will craft a D&D adventure in real time, one that that is specifically themed around mental health. They’ll discuss what might go into it and what a mental health adventure is as well as the importance of these considerations in all D&D games. Other panelists include Makenzie De Armas (SIna Una), Gabe Hicks (who recently has guested on our own Faeforge podcast), Krystina Arielle (Velled Alliance, Critical Role), and Kelli Dunlap, a clinical psychologist and Community Manager for Take This.

Behind the Screen: DM Roundtable

Probably the most star-studded event of the weekend, this panel brings together some of the most successful and popular storytellers in D&D to discuss the tricks of the trade they use to craft and run their stories.

Rivals of Waterdeep

The Rivals of Waterdeep game will take place tonight at 5:00 PM PST

While there are lots of liveplay adventures happening this weekend that will no doubt be exciting as any other, if there’s one you have to see its the one happening tonight with this crew. Featuring the Tanya Depass as DM and featuring guests like Omega Jones (The Critical Bard), it’s gonna be an absolutely killer game (like most games featuring the Rivals).

Weaving Asian Stories

Moderated by the co-host of Ennie-winning podcast Asians Represent, this panel will discuss the do’s and don’ts of incorporating Asian-influenced themes and settings into your tabletop games. They’ll also put a spotlight on some of the pitfalls of previous releases like Oriental Adventures. There’s gonna be a lot of hard truths in this one, but these are the conversations that need to be had for D&D to be as inclusive as possible.

Inclusive Dungeon Design For The Intrepid Adventurer

Finally, Jennifer Kretchmer (D&D Beyond’s Silver and Steel), Makenzie De Armas (MCDM’s Kingdoms and Warfare), Alicia Marie (DC FanDome), Elsa Sjunneson (The Fate Accessibility Toolkit), and Sara Thompson (The Combat Wheelchair) will be discussing how to create accessible dungeons within your D&D adventures. Disabled gamers are as much a a part of representation as any marginalized group, and dungeons that allows them to represent themselves on the tabletop can go a long way towards helping them feel included.

The full schedule can be seen here, with all panels and live plays being broadcasted on D&D’s Twitch. And don’t forget you still have time to enter our Rime of the Frostmaiden giveaway!

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