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Disney Will Jump Star Wars Into Hyperdrive With 10 New Shows And Patty Jenkins

Yesterday was Disney’s big Investor Day and sweet mother of mercy they dumped a lot of news on us. While they announced some absolutely nonsensical things (who the hell asked for a Buzz Lightyear origin story?), the most numerous announcements came from a galaxy far, far away. Floundering a bit since the end of the Sequel Trilogy and the disappointing response to Solo, last night seemed to indicate that Lucasfilm has found its feet again.

Disney will release 10 new Star Wars TV shows in the next few years, part of their plan to inject the GDP of a small country into their streaming service (possibly due to COVID, possibly due to their growing monopolistic control over all media). So, rather than flood the feed with summaries, we decided to collate all of the big Star Wars news into one article for ease of access.

Patty Jenkins To Direct Rogue Squadron Film

If Patty Jenkins can get a good movie (or two, based on the early reviews of WW1984) out of the DCEU, she should have no issue working with the chaos at LucasFilm. The Rogue Squadron material from Legends is some of the best and most beloved, and it’s going to be in good hands. Most likely will draw on films like The Battle of Britain and The Dam Busters and have some very cool dogfighting.

Mandalorian Spinoffs (2021)

These are most likely going to be Dave Filoni’s babies, and will probably be fun and functional additions to the Star Wars franchise. Ahsoka will no doubt continue Filoni’s quest to prove that his OC is the best no matter how bad the writing has to become, and will probably feature more returns from Rebels like Satine, Ezra, and Grand Admiral Thrawn. Interestingly, this will be a live-action series for Ahsoka, giving Rosario Dawson a chance to really inhabit the character. Fans of Ashley Eckstein will probably be disappointed, but when you get Rosario Dawson for a role you damn well better use her.

Rangers of the New Republic will most likely give us a good look at the early New Republic and how it handled Empire clean up, while giving Gina Carano more work than she honestly deserves.

Andor (2022)

I don’t really know how anyone would feel connected enough to a character from Rogue One to think this is a good idea, but apparently, someone was. The seedy underbelly of Star Wars has always been one of its major strengths, and this will no doubt fill the gap The Mandalorian is leaving as it transitions to more space opera-y stories.


Advertised as an “event series,” by Disney, the big news for Lando is that its showrunner will be Justin Simien, who created Dear White People. They haven’t said WHICH Lando it is, so it’s kind of hard to tell what the series will be like. I hope it’s Donald Glover (who was utterly wasted in Solo) but I’m always happy to see Billy Dee Williams.

The Acolyte

The slate diversified further with this show, a “mystery-thriller” from the creator of Russian Doll. This will be set near the end of the High Republic Era (when Jedi were still cool and Yoda definitely fucked), so will probably tie into that big push that’s coming soon while also leading into the Prequel Era. Judging by the font and the religious connotations, this will probably give us some Sith backstory. Maybe even something for Sheev.

A Droid Story

Remember Droids? The annoying Nelvana cartoon about Threepio and Artoo traveling through space and meeting new robot pals? Lucasfilm certainly does, as they and the people at ILM are resurrecting it as a new series where the duo help guide a new character on their journey.


This is essentially going to be The Animatrix but for Star Wars. We don’t know much, but this series will consist of short films from Japanese animators. So that should be neat.

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Images courtesy of Walt Disney Studios


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