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The Discovery Combines Science and the Afterlife

The Discovery is a romantic sci-fi movie set in a world where the afterlife is scientifically proven to exist, causing an uptick in suicides by those wishing to move on to that afterlife. It focuses on the son of the man who made the discovery and the woman he falls in love with as they find out what his father has done in the many months since the discovery was made public.

Shown at the Sundance Film Festival this past January, the movie has received generally favorable reviews by critics who also acknowledge a fair share of problems. It qualifies as a sci-fi brain-twister, so that’s to be expected. One review compares it to a Christopher Nolan film. I guess take what you personally will from that. I tend to like his movies.

The Discovery certainly looks intriguing enough:

Good cast, interesting concept, and solid reviews? Sounds like a movie worth checking out. Though probably a tough watch if the self-harm shown in the trailer keeps up throughout the entire film. Isla appears to be among those who wish to move on to the discovered afterlife.

The Discovery releases on Netflix on March 31. It stars Jason Segel, Rooney Mara, Robert Redford, and Jesse Plemons. Give it a watch.

Images and Video Courtesy of Netflix


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