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William Dafoe and Topher Grace Join Venom 2 in Answer to Spider-Man 3

In an attempt to keep up with the ever-expanding cast of Spider-Man 3, the planned Venom sequel has added a couple of big names of their own. After contract disputes fell through for them to join the latest MCU sequel, William and Dafoe have agreed to reprise their roles as the Green Goblin and Venom in the sequel to the 2018 comedy from Sony’s weekend rights to the Spider-Man franchise.

The terms of the agreement are unclear, though Dafoe is believed to have signed in exchange for a promise that he will never need to play Ryuk from Death Note again.

spider-man 3 parody dafoe and grace

Rumors suggest Dafoe’s Green Goblin will be the primary antagonist of the film, while Grace and returning star Tom Hardy will compete for the affections of the Venom symbiote. Shooting leaks have placed Hardy on location outside multiple famous romantic restaurants in New York City, including one shot with a large bouquet of roses in hand. Grace has still yet to be seen on set.

Sources from inside Sony tell us that the success of Venom’s comedy turn was a surprise they intend to lean on with the sequel.

“We really wanted to take what worked in the first film and add a romantic side to it,” one anonymous PA said hurriedly during their five-minute lunch break. “The first film received so much positive feedback regarding the heavy shipping vibes between Eddie Brock and the symbiote, so a romantic comedy seemed like the obvious next step. And obvious with Spider-Man 3 likely to continue the MCU’s humor, we needed to match that.”

Grace seems like a perfect fit as Hardy’s competition for the symbiote, considering his excellent job portraying a jealous Eddie Brock in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. What role will Dafoe’s Green Goblin have in this budding romantic triangle? We just have to wait and see. In my opinion he will look to take the symbiote for himself, causing the two Brocks to team up, and hopefully leading to the polygamous ending we all deserve.

Additional rumors continue to fly around Venom 2, though they remain unconfirmed. A supposed bidding war for Nicholas Hammond to reprise the role of Spider-Man continues, as does the possibility of Ben Affleck returning as Daredevil. The space storm cloud that played Galactus in Rise of the Silver Surfer has expressed an interest in joining the project if it can be guaranteed a multi-film deal.

The pressure is on to match the ever-growing cast of Marvel’s third entry in their Spider-Man series. I, for one, cannot wait to see who Venom 2 pulls next.

Images Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Disclaimer: This piece is a light-hearted poke at the abundant S-M 3 casting news. Absolutely none of this is true, as much as I wish it was. Believe at your own risk.

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Image courtesy of SONY


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