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New Crowdfunding Platform Crowdfundr Aims To Put Creators First

Crowdfundr, a new creator-friendly crowdfunding platform is opening doors on June 21 for comic book artists, publishers, tabletop gaming creators and other creative professionals.

The platform is powered by ConnectionPoint, the premier collaborative funding platform that also powers social impact crowdfunding platform FundRazr and healthcare crowdfunding platform CoCoPay. FundRazr already has industry recognition as one of the best rewards-based crowdfunding platforms by financial websites like Investopedia and NerdWallet. With Crowdfundr, ConnectionPoint is going to take it up several notches and focus on the real needs of creators.

“I am thrilled to see the minds behind Fundrazr evolve their already winning platform to cater to creative projects with Crowdfundr. I’m proud to have Black Eye Books participate in the launch of this exciting new addition to the crowdfunding landscape

Michel Vrana, publisher, Black Eye Books

From free and transparent pricing plans to the ability to run unrestricted, concurrent projects, Crowdfundr’s aim is to provide creators with an advanced and accessible platform. Other handy features include multiple rewards selection for checkout, rolling a crowdfunding campaign over into a store, social marketing tools and more.

“As a social impact company that has been supporting the arts through FundRazr for years, our team is super excited to be supporting diverse creators in a more deliberate and inclusive way with the launch of Crowdfundr”, says David Barach, President of ConnectionPoint and Crowdfundr.

The mission is to empower creators of all backgrounds, from those just starting out to those with established audiences to fund their passion and share their art with the world. One example is a recent comic book campaign The Mundane Adventures of Dishman by John MacLeod and published by Black Eye Books. The creators raised more than $7,000 – exceeding their initial goal by 700%.

Fieldmouse Press is excited to use Crowdfundr for a lot of reasons. They have a deep history of working with nonprofits, and their vision for Crowdfundr is exactly what we are looking for. Their goal is our goal – to help make things happen. The team has made it remarkably clear that they’re not interested in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or other harmful technologies that destroy the planet. And, to top it all off, the platform is top of the line – having used other crowdfunding sites, I can say with confidence that Crowdfundr is both more intuitive and more functional than its competitors.

Alex Hoffman, Field Mouse Press

In addition to the launch of Crowdfundr, ConnectionPoint has released a beta version of Creator HUB – a free community hub where creators can learn, connect and collaborate with each other. Creators can join like-minded groups, network, access free learning materials, participate in live online events and ask questions. Creator HUB will be out of Beta in time for the launch of Crowdfundr in June.

Images via Crowdfundr

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