Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Creators of SUPERHOT Launch New Drinking Card Game ‘Not Enough Mana’

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SUPERHOT Presents, the indie game fund by the creators of SUPERHOT, has announced that the hit ‘potion’ drinking card game, Not Enough Mana, has received a wide release and is now available for wizards in Europe, North America, and Oceania.

Not Enough Mana box art

Designed by Paweł Piskorski, Not Enough Mana was previously funded on Kickstarter where it raised 444% of its funding goal, and has been gathering great reviews ever since. In Not Enough Mana, 3-6 players take on the roles of mighty wizards and face each other in an epic battle of wits and endurance, slinging powerful spells while drinking potent ‘potions’ to replenish their mana (legal potion drinking age may vary depending on your kingdom’s laws). The goal is to eliminate all other wizards from the game, either through depleting all their health points or by K.O. (also known as Too Much Mana). With beautiful art by Krzysztof Maziarz and premium packaging designed with care and love, Not Enough Mana is a must-have for every wizarding apprentice who didn’t get a letter from that other school of magic.

“Not Enough Mana was first and foremost a game made to have fun with our friends. We cast spells and playtested it for years. After hundreds of magical battles, we concluded that it was just unfair to keep something so fun only to ourselves,” said Paweł Piskorski.

For the latest news, information and purchasing options, fans can go to

Images via SUPERHOT Presents

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