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Bryan Cranston Leaves Life Behind in Wakefield

Because who hasn’t had the idea of leaving your family behind, living in the attic, and watching them deal with your disappearance? Howard Wakefield sure has. And if this trailer is any indication, the results will be pretty fascinating to watch. Not just for Wakefield, either.

As you would expect, this concept looks to explore some tough topics. Voyeurism, solitude, abandonment, ex-lovers, grief and various other ideas come into play throughout this interesting trailer. With Cranston leading the way you can probably expect good results. Just what happens when a man leaves his family behind? How does that man react to watching the process? Who do they become? Do any of them ever want to go back to life as it used to be?

Watch the trailer below. Be warned; the trailer shows off a great deal of the movie.

Weird, right? I also find this concept to be captivating. I can tell I will likely love and hate this movie with equal passion. Plus it’s Bryan Cranston. That man could probably make 2 hours of eating a sandwich worth a watch. This honestly looks like something Walter White would have eventually done if he never contracted cancer.

Wakefield sees limited release on May 19, with a full release through video-on-demand starting May 26. Besides Cranston, the movie stars Jennifer Garner, Victoria Bruno, Beverly D’Angelo, Jason O’Mara, and Ian Anthony Dale.

Video and Images Courtesy of IFC Films


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