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Black Sands Publishing App Available Now!

Black Sands Entertainment, the top African American publishing company in the country recently announced the release of its highly anticipated app, The Black Sands Publishing App. Black Sands Entertainment is best known for creating titles such as Black Sands, Cosmic Girls, and Mori’s Family Adventures and has sold more than 80,000 units to date. With the Black Sands Publishing App, users will be able to conveniently access a plethora of diverse comics, curated content and more all on their phone with no additional downloads required. The Black Sands Publishing App is available now for download on Google Play and the Apple Store.

The Black Sands Publishing App will feature an abundance of seamless mobile comics that are formatted for reading on mobile devices. Users will also be able to access fun experiences like rolling GACHA for premium comics, collecting cards and more. In addition, the app will feature numerous social features like comments, reviews, and gifting of its high quality content. All of which meets and exceeds the Black Sands Publishing App’s standard and is edited to be family friendly and age appropriate. Content creators featured on the app include Black Sands, Peda Studios, Macchiato!, and Everborn, just to name a few.

It is worth noting that almost every other platform neglects African American creators and doesn’t serve Black oriented content, which is where the Black Sands Publishing App comes into play.  This app is set to help the African American community immensely with comics that focus exclusively on Black themed and created content. Black Sands Publishing App is anticipated to become the leading source for African American curated comics while also financially supporting its creators. 

black sands entertainment cosmic girls cover

“Looking at the market today, we’re filling a void as there are currently no online African American centered content platforms in pop culture,” said Manuel Godoy, President and Author of Black Sands Entertainment. “We wanted to change that which is what our goal was when we created the Black Sands Publishing App. Being a Black man with a rich African history, and starting my own comic series, I personally know the struggles that come along with it. Being able to make this process easier and more accessible to other people within the Black community is a dream come true. We look forward to providing this opportunity to many other talented creators out there.”

There are many benefits to the Black Sands Publishing App. One being creators will be able to publish their content for free. Interested creators just need to fill out an application for review and approval. After that, approved creators will be able to join the Black Sands roster and it will be free to be on the platform. In addition, the app gives you the opportunity to become discovered by the hundreds of thousands of fans Black Sands currently has nationwide.

Black Sands Entertainment has the biggest concentration of African American comic book enthusiasts on their team and the platform also gives you the opportunity to tap into the comic and game market directly. Furthermore, the Black Sands Publishing App offers funding support. Whether that be for Kickstarter, Patreon, or even investment capital. Black Sands Entertainment also shares ad revenue with its creators so the more popular you are on the app the larger your profit shares will become. 

“Considering our nation’s current climate, supporting Black-owned businesses is a great way to assist the community,” said Godoy. “The purpose of the Black Sands Publishing App is to do just that. The app will allow for members of the African American community to upload content, be financially supported, and be seen by consumers and companies interested in their products. Our hope is that the Black Sands Publishing App will be that stepping stone for many Black content creators and serve as a tool to encourage them to continue to develop their comics, mangas, or whatever it might be.” 

The Black Sands Publishing App is available now via Google Play and the Apple Store. For additional information, please visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok

Images courtesy of Black Sands Entertainment.

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