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Birds of Prey Trailer Drops, It’s Harley Quinn’s Movie

We have finally gotten a full-length trailer for Birds of Prey! And…it’s kind of just a Harley Quinn movie.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Harley Quinn, I made that very clear in my review of Harleen #1. And I love Margot Robbie’s version of the character as well! I’m actually rather fond of Suicide Squad, and her portrayal of the character was one of the best aspects of that movie. So I’m more than happy for a Harley centric film.

However, I also love the characters who make up this version of the Birds of Prey. Huntress, Black Canary, Cassandra Cain, Renee Montoya, these are all characters that I’m honestly big fans of. And yet, from the trailer, the only one you might be likely to recognize if you haven’t checked the cast list is Huntress, and that’s solely because there’s a shot of her on a motorcycle with a crossbow. Otherwise…it’s just Harley, three ladies, and a kid.

Remember how most of Fox’s X-Men movies wound up being less about the X-Men and more ‘Wolverine and His Amazing Friends’? That’s what the trailer for this film makes it look like. And that’s…admittedly not shocking, not given the subtitle, the posters, or the fact that it was decided not to make a standalone Harley movie because they felt she needed a friend group, other characters to bounce off of.

Does this make the film inherently bad? No, not at all. The cast is still a great one, the trailer looks fun, very well shot, and the fight scenes and comedy interesting. The knowledge that this is set after a Joker and Harley breakup helps a lot in bringing appeal to the movie. However, the other elements from the plot that we know due to an official synopsis, that Batman has vanished and left Gotham in a bit of a state, and that Cassandra Cain has come across a diamond belonging to Black Mask (who, it should be noted, is not wearing a mask in the trailer), aren’t referenced at all.

And I kind of get that. To the non-comic book reading audience, Harley is by far the most recognizable character, and of the protagonists, Margot Robbie is by far the biggest name. So emphasizing her, and putting her front and center, makes good business sense. It’s just…a little disappointing is all. Still, tonally and stylistically it looks like it’ll be a fun movie and I can’t wait to see it!

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

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