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Big G Creative Announces New Board Games As Part Of New Partnership With Walgreen’s

Board game publisher, Big G Creative, launched a new partnership Walgreen’s Pharmacy with two new party games: Hangry and No Filter. Hangry is a high-energy, food-themed, card-matching game, while No Filter is a “get-to-know-you game” designed to break the ice and spark conversation.

Hangry Logo

Both Hangry and No Filter are available exclusively at Walgreens and are two of seven titles from Big G Creative that will be part of the retailer’s first ever games endcap. Other popular Big G titles offered on the endcap include Blufaneer, Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents, Kraft Heinz Variety Pack, Mega Mouth and Bye Felicia!.

Named a “Best Toy 2021” by Parents magazine, Hangry is a fast-paced, food-flipping game that features delicious cuisine! Flip your food card, look for a match, and slap the cards before other hangry players try to poach your favorite food. Collect the most cards and be the first player to fill your table setting to win the game.

Big G Creative Hangry box and contents

Have fun discovering something new about friends and family with No Filter, the ice-breaking card game that is fun for teens and adults. Roll the dice to see who answers one of 200 colorful and compelling questions.

Alex Kimerling, director of business development, at Big G Creative, states, “At Big G, we believe that game nights are a great way to take a break from everyday life, have lots of laughs and reset mentally. Our two newest board games, Hangry and No Filter, are not only fun but also encourage building connections and family traditions.”

Kimerling continued, “As a retailer that cares about mental wellness and family time, Walgreens is the perfect retail partner to exclusively launch Hangry and No Filter. We’re excited to be a part of their first ever, dedicated game stand with 7 of our most popular board games.”

Big G Creative No Filter box and components

“As families and friends look to resume in-person get-togethers and traditions this holiday, we are excited to work with Big G Creative to bring two new exclusive games to market,” said Heather Hughes, group vice president of seasonal, general merchandise and photo. “The pandemic taught us all the importance of making meaningful memories– with the launch of Hangry and No Filter, coupled with our convenient in-store, Pickup, and Same Day Delivery shopping solutions, Walgreens is making it easy for families to find simple ways to celebrate the joy of the holiday season with one another.”

Hangry is for ages 6+, for 3-6 players with an estimated 15 minutes playing time, and retails for $17.99. No Filter is for ages 12+, for 3 or more players with an estimated playing time of 20 minutes, and retails for $12.99.

Hangry will be available in mid-November, and No Filter is available now, in stores nationwide and online at Walgreens. To learn more about the games and how they are played, visit

Images via Big G Creative

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