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8 Shows and Movies To Watch in 2018

This year has been pretty terrible all around. Though some shows and movies have been great distractions from the tire fire outside. I’ve enjoyed Shadowhunters, and look forward to a lot of things next year. I narrowed down my choices to the top eight in no particular order.

  • Black Lightning (premiering January 16 on The CW) is the newest comics show offered from Berlanti Productions. Kori’s already written at length about why it’s going to be awesome so read her article, but to sum it up- we’re getting a canonical Black lesbian in a Black superhero family on broadcast TV! Salim and Mara Brock Akil, a Muslim Black duo known for Girlfriends and Being Mary Jane are show runners. From the trailer alone, its different tone from the other DCTV shows is clear and refreshing.
  • Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, my second comic related pick stars the newest and coolest superheroes. I’m especially excited to see Kamala Khan on my screen for obvious reasons, and the voice cast is incredible.
  • The other superhero story is of course Incredibles 2 (next June). We still don’t know a lot about the film. But the nostalgia factor is enough for me to care. The first one is definitely in my top 5 Pixar films. I’ve made all of my younger cousins watch it. All of us were Violet at some point and it’ll be great to see a fun family fight impending toddler-hood together.
  • Continuing the whole saving the world theme, I loved Pacific Rim and listened the soundtrack at least ten times after it came out. The second one comes out March 23 and will likely be the first film I watch in theaters and in our political climate, I feel that it’s just the kind of blockbuster we need.
  • Though I haven’t talked about it here yet, I am a huge fan of heist films. It’s probably my favorite film genre which made all the news about Ocean’s 8 that much more exciting. The trailer immediately made me laugh and any film that actually has people properly speaking a different language is already winning in my book.
  • The final film is A Wrinkle in Time, which immediately caught my attention when they cast Storm Reid was as Meg. I read the book in third grade, but re-reading it last year in Children’s Literature was a revelation. It’s one of my favorite books and I’m hopeful that Ava Duvernay has worked her magic on the film.
  • The final two in my list are genre TV shows. Siren, Freeform’s mermaid show about mermaids coming to land and taking back what was originally theirs years after their siblings were murdered. I saw the pilot a while back and it was surprisingly enjoyable. I caught myself really liking the characters and think it might just be what Freeform needs in its lineup.
  • Reverie still has no trailer or airdate (just that it’s in March). It follows Sarah Shahi as a former hostage negotiator asked to save people who have lost themselves in a virtual reality program. They refuse to come back to the real world which has too much heartbreak. (Damn.) The cast is so good, and the writers planned for it to have a lead actress and diverse characters. It’s the perfect character  show for 2018.

What are y’all looking forward to next year? Let me know in the comments!

Image courtesy of The CW


  • Seher is the Associate Editor-in-Chief at The Fandomentals focusing on the ins and outs of TV, media representation, games, and other topics as they pique her interest. Otherwise, she's reading away for graduate school. pc: @poika_


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