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47 meters down


47 Meters Down Gives You Sharks Trying to Eat Mandy Moore

It also gives me one of my worst nightmares. 47 meters down or two, I don’t want this many sharks anywhere near me. No thank you.

When two sisters decide to go shark diving while on vacation, something goes horribly wrong and you know where the story goes from there. Based on the trailer it looks like Jaws if the shark was multiple sharks and only bothered two people throughout the movie. Looks like they get a nice bite of the sisters along the way.

Watch the trailer below:

It’s not the most original thing you’ll ever see, but sharks are freaking scary. Again, no thank you. I’d complain about the trailer giving away too much, but you either knew where this was going anyway or the movie will have a nice surprise in store. I do like the focus on their remaining air. Am I the only one who played way too much Sonic the Hedgehog as a kid and hears the drowning countdown music all throughout this trailer, though?

47 Meters Down is scheduled to release on June 23. Along with Mandy Moore, it stars Claire Holt, Chris Johnson, Yani Gellman, and Matthew Modine.

Images and Video Courtesy of Entertainment Studios


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