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The 100 Season 4 Trailer Promises a Rise From The Ashes

Are they rising from the ashes of the disastrous PR battle they’ve had to fight since Lexa’s death? #sorrynotsorry

For those who haven’t yet, The 100 released its Season 4 trailer today:

They’re still running with the idea that after roughly 100 years, all the nuclear facilities on earth would suddenly and simultaneously melt down (see Elizabeth’s and my retrospective for why this is unrealistic). The ALIE voiceover from the finale about the impending nuclear holocaust opens the trailer, complete with graphic images of each of the horrifying events she predicts will come to pass. Clarke rallies the troops (who seem like they’re paying attention to her again) to not just survive, but thrive (she just wishes she were Supergirl).

Thus, the plot for next season will center around everyone coping with the impending apocalypse, but there’s room for political drama as well. Roan* is alive and poised to potentially take over Azgeda and maybe even all of Polis. There doesn’t seem to be a cohesive leadership structure for Skaikru from the trailer alone, but that may just be editing and content choices.

There have been rumors of Bellamy dying, some even so far as to say at the hands of Octavia. Whether or not she’s going to kill her brother, she’s clearly gone full Dark this coming season. She’s embraced the ways of Weisseroff, for to her, vengeance and justice are the same thing. Woohoo, The 100, Women On Top!

She looks good for having suffered so much in S3.

As for Bellarke, we have no clue if the rumors of a romance are true from this trailer alone (despite some comforting touches), but they seem to have flipped sides somewhat? Monty (who seems to have found his voice, yay Monty!) tells Clarke she’s ‘gone too far for her people’ while Bellamy is not willing to sacrifice innocent lives (nice timing Bellamy, couldn’t you have thought of that before you massacred hundreds of innocent people?).

Any other Clarke romance is not well enough seeded from the trailer alone, despite the writer’s mentioning the possibility repeatedly. The only on screen kissing we get is Murphy/Emori (Memori), though Monty/Harper is still a thing too. But we do get Niylah and Octavia together? Whatever that means?

I don’t know what this is, but I don’t mind it.

Also, everyone is still yelling at her for her decisions and her trauma is nowhere in evidence. Then again, no one’s trauma is in evidence as both Jaha and Jasper seem pretty fine after one of them becoming the villain and the other’s main arc last season being his trauma. Oh well, who has time to cope with trauma when the world is ending amirite?

Clarke has pre-cancerous lesions in the final shot of the trailer, so that’s interesting. Are they going to kill her off? On the one hand, she deserves a rest and killing off the main protagonist would be a “brave” storytelling choice and in keeping with the supposed Anyone Can Die ideology. On the other, I don’t need one more dead wlw, especially at this show’s hands.

As for other random things, Jaha looks great with his new haircut. (The irony of him lecturing Clarke about people wanting a say in their fate after having literally helped a computer override free will is not lost on me.) Octavia’s new hair, makeup, and costume are glorious, though I wish it didn’t come at the expense of Lincoln (RIP my favorite Grounder). Raven is still suffering. Some of the machines look suspiciously Mad Max Fury Road like, but maybe it’s another one of their ‘subtle’ head nods.

The Hundred: Fury Road. I mean, no, wait, what show is this again?

There are new characters this season as well, most of them Grounders, although Luna is nowhere in evidence despite rumors that she was coming back with a vengeance. Again, that could just be the limited time frame. As with the rest of the rumors in the mill, we’ll have to wait and see. Also suspiciously not in evidence? Any other mention of the City of Light or the chip or basically anything from last season. Other than ALIE’s voiceover, we have zero connection to what happened before being shown on screen. It could just be a desire to hype the new season, but I have a feeling it might also have to do with a certain someone hoping people have forgotten what an enormous tool he is.

I don’t know what the shift to Wednesday night means for the show, if anything. If nothing else, we now know that this show is indeed, still happening. See you all February 1st, when I’ll be reviewing my way through the fourth season! There will be salt.

Is that a Lexa homage or….? Though it also kind of looks like Lincoln’s chest tattoo.

Images courtesy of the CW

*Article originally printed his name incorrectly as Rohan.


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