Friday, March 24, 2023

Author Kevin J. Anderson Launches Kickstarter For Revamp Of Comic Fantasy ‘The Dragon Business’ And New Sequel ‘Skeleton In The Closet’

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Kevin J. Anderson is known for his science fiction adventures in the Dune and Star Wars universes, his epic fantasy trilogies, or his humorous Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. series. Now he turns to a funny fantasy caper, which he has described as like “the Princess Bride meets Dirty, Rotten Scoundrels.”

In The Dragon Business, a band of medieval con-men (and one former princess) sell their services as dragon slayers, but it’s all a scam with fake reptilian footprints, chemical fires, and exaggerated stories … until there IS a real dragon, and then the heat is on!

Anderson published an early edition of the novel several years ago and recently the cowriter of Disney’s Frozen became enamored with the project and is pitching to studios right now for a feature film.

Finally, with the support of hundreds of Kickstarter backers, Anderson is writing an all-new sequel to continue the series, Skeleton in the Closet, where the band of lovable charlatans is trapped in a castle after the invasion of an army of not-too-bright orc. Anderson calls it “like Die Hard in a castle.”

This is only Anderson’s second Kickstarter project, and it’s filled with unique items for fans and collectors. All backers receive the new novel months before it’s available to the general public, but there’s also a limited, illustrated chapbook (100 signed and numbered copies) of the original short story that inspired The Dragon Business (Anderson’s first short story sale ever), as well as signed copies of the working manuscript, getting your name included as a character, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and Anderson’s raw audio files as he dictated and wrote Skeleton in the Closet.

The Kickstarter ends on February 11.

Images via Kevin J Anderson

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